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Jennifer Watson, Intern
Telemedicine Appointments Only


  • License: Intern

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Jennifer Watson spent about 20 years in live theatre then she moved on to explore other life opportunities which took her into social services in New Mexico. She was developing therapeutic recreation activities in the pyschiatric unit of a Kentucky prison, family and youth counseling with Navajo adolescents in Arizona, and addiction counseling/pain management for a medical clinic in Arizona. She believes strongly in patient-centered therapy that supports people finding their path in life through positive self-care and healthy relationships. Along the way she earned an AA in Liberal Arts, a bachelor's degree in Anthropology, a master's degree in organzational Management, a master's degree in Addiction Counseling, and she is currently working on her doctoral degree in Marriage and Familly Therapy. Since childhood, Jennifer has spent much effort on rescuing critters, socializing ferel cats/kittens/dogs/pups, fostering dogs and cats, volunterring with animal rescue groups, and raising a few alpacas. Her creative interests focus mostly on fiber and fabric art; weaving, spinning, crocheting, and hand-sewn quilting. As a disabled person with chronic health issues, Jennifer takes special interest in addressing the needs and challenges of the disabled and issues concerning bias and prejudice towards anyone due to gender, gender self-identification, culture, ethnicity, ableism, and socioeconomic status. 





Wednesday: 10am - 6pm

Thursday: 10am - 6pm

Friday: 10am - 6pm

Sundays: Upon Request

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