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Sand Tray/Play Therapy

The soul always knows how to heal itself

Helping Them In A Way That Makes Sense to Them

When your child or teen is struggling, it may feel difficult for you to find them an outlet for the way they are feeling. When they are feeling big emotions it is hard for them to communicate that.


No matter what trouble they are facing, they need to have a way to let that out!

A child is playing in the sand on the beach, enjoying the sunshine, and having a great time.

Introducing Sand Tray Therapy!


Sand Tray Therapy gives your child, teen and even adults a way to express themselves in a non-verbal way. They can play with the soft sand along with miniatures, figurines, and other fun objects to share what is going on in their mind even on an unconscious level.


When people can’t find the words to describe the way they are feeling, playing and expressing themselves with the sand can be soothing and super helpful.


Therapy Can Be Fun!


As their parent, you may feel intimidated about introducing them to therapy. Therapy is even scary for adults!


Offering a creative and playful way for children and teens to let their emotions and thoughts out can make therapy a fun place for them that they may even look forward to going to!


Come See Us!

Here at CLEAR Counseling in Arizona, we offer this fun way for you and your child to begin the healing process.

Applying Sunscreen

Help Them Find Their Healing

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