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  • Jesika Pearce

Nurturing Connection: A Gradual Approach to Rekindling Intimacy in Relationships

Updated: Jan 18

Navigating through challenging times in a relationship, whether due to prolonged discord, trauma, or major life events like welcoming a new family member, often calls for a gradual approach to rebuilding intimacy. While we all would love quick fixes to difficulties in life, it is more important to ensure the approach is correct and effective. This slowed down time allows both partners to rediscover the emotional and physical closeness they once shared, and even build upon it.

1.     Step-by-Step Communication:

Building a foundation for reconnection starts with step-by-step communication. Create a safe space for open dialogues, encouraging each other to express feelings and concerns at a pace that feels comfortable. Take the time to truly listen, ensuring that both partners feel heard and understood.


2.     Understanding Changing Needs:


Acknowledging the changes in each other’s emotional and physical needs is essential. Have open conversations about expectations and desires, and be willing to adapt. Recognize that understanding and compromise are key components of this gradual process.


3.     Professional Guidance at a Gradual Pace:


If the challenges feel overwhelming, consider seeking professional help, but do so at a pace that suits both partners. A therapist or counselor can provide insights and tools for communication without rushing the process, ensuring that each step is taken thoughtfully.


4.     Self-Care as a Building Block:

Prioritize individual well-being as a foundational step toward rebuilding intimacy. Both partners should focus on self-care, engaging in activities that promote personal growth and relaxation. A gradual improvement in individual well-being contributes to the overall health of the relationship.


5.     Tiny Moments of Intimacy:


Reconnecting emotionally can begin with small, intentional gestures. Schedule moments of shared vulnerability, like a quiet conversation or a gentle touch. These tiny moments lay the groundwork for rebuilding emotional closeness gradually.


6.     Exploration in Small Doses:


Engaging in new activities together doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Start small with shared hobbies or activities that require minimal commitment. The goal is to rediscover the joy of being together in a gradual and enjoyable way.

2.     Incremental Physical Reconnection:


When it comes to physical intimacy, take incremental steps. Begin with non-demanding physical gestures like holding hands or light touches. Gradually progress, always respecting each other’s boudaries and communicating openly.

8.     Educational Empowerment:

Educate yourself on the impact of major life events can have on intimacy. Understanding the challenges together fosters a sense of shared empowerment. Gradual learning ensures that both partners absorb information at a pace that aligns with their readiness.


Rekindling intimacy after a period of strain or significant life changes can be difficult. By prioritizing step-by-step communication, embracing professional guidance at a comfortable place, and incorporating small, intentional moments into the relationship, couples can embark on a journey of gradual reconnection. Celebrate each small victory along the way, recognizing that patience and understanding are the cornerstone of this process.


-Jesika Pearce, OM


Book Recommendations:

-“Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love “ by Dr. Sue Johnson

-“The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman

-“The Relationship Cure: A 5-Step Guide to Strengthening your Marriage, Family, and

Friendships” by John Gottman

 -“Come as You Are: The Surprising New Science that Will Tranform Your Sex Life” by Emily


 -“The Art of Communicating” by Thich Nhat Hanh


*Remember these are just recommendations. You will want to choose books that resonate with your specific needs and preferences as a couple. Reading together and discussing the insights gained can also be a bonding experience on your journey toward gradual reconnection.


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