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CLEAR Counseling
Connect - Learn - Embrace - Accept - Renew

Making Change Possible

Here at CLEAR Counseling our family therapists and relationship counselors specialize in assisting you and your loved ones overcome psychological and emotional barriers. We are professionals in helping you achieve effective communication in order to create better connection with yourself and those around you.

We want you to find a place in your life that feels safe, hopeful, and peaceful. We are here to help you find that place.

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Ways We Help

Individual Adult Therapy

Our professional counseling services are available for individuals facing all types of situations..

Couples Therapy

Our relationship counselors specialize in helping you work together as a couple to increase effective communication. By doing this you can enjoy greater emotional safety and connection and a stronger, longer lasting relationship.

Family Therapy

Family is all about togetherness - and your counseling sessions can be too. We can help your family work together to achieve better synergy, happiness, and emotional safety.

Child/Teen Therapy

Throughout childhood and  adolescence we are full of self-discovery which can sometimes create confusing and overwhelming emotions. We want to help provide support, tools, and guidance on this path to adulthood.

Contact Us

208 W Chandler Heights Rd ste 102, Chandler, AZ 85248 


Career Opportunities for Clinicians and Interns

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