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Couples Counseling

Your Relationship Is Worth Fighting For!

Get Back to the Good

Maybe things in your relationship don't feel as good as they used to. Maybe there is poor communication, tension, distance or constant arguing. The smallest things may be triggering one or both of you. In reaction to this, you might withdraw and put up mental barriers, or get angry and say things you regret.

You might be asking yourself, “What happened to us?” and the answer is that life happened. Difficult things happen to even the best of us, and it's ok and even good to seek help in dealing with the effects of what we have been through or have missed out on.

With help, you can get back on the path to the warm loving relationship you desire.

The happy couple can be seen walking by the beach and holding hands as they treasure the moment together.

Finding Your Way Together

Relationship troubles may leave us feeling lost and stuck, and just hoping that things will get better with time. The weight of your personal life can feel like so much to carry, and you or your loved one may have even looked to different avenues for the comfort and connection that you are seeking. 

Relationships with secure attachments take time and work to build, and unresolved issues can transfer to new relationships too. Instead of losing your love, you can start putting in the work to find your way back to each other and the joy you once had.

Rebuild Your Family

Children and extended family may start to feel the tension and the hurt despite your best efforts to conceal it. Children especially will often take on the hurt of their families and even mistakenly feel responsible for the problems.  No child deserves to take on that burden. 

It is possible to mend your relationship and restore your family, unfortunately people often wait too long to come in out of denial or fear and have little to no hope by the time they come in.  Don't wait!  We at CLEAR Counseling are here to help you along your journey to find healing and restoration.

Couple on Beach

Reclaim Your Peace, Reclaim Your Life

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