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Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

Understanding The Impact Of Emotion

What Is EFT?

Emotionally-focused therapy (EFT) helps improve relationships by focusing on the connection between primary emotions and communication patterns.

Families and couples tend to benefit the most from EFT, as it can help develop healthier communication strategies and foster stronger emotional bonds.

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Emotions Are Powerful

Whether good emotions or bad ones, they inspire the decisions we make. Sometimes when we feel upset or hurt, we speak or act in a way we normally wouldn't.  Each person wants to feel like they matter to their partner, but sometimes they don't feel heard. This causes conflict - and in turn - more hurt and frustration.

Are you and your spouse or family member(s) consistently arguing and engaging in unhealthy communication? With Emotionally Focused Therapy, we can get to the bottom of why this is happening, identify and interrupt negative patterns, and develop skills to deter future situations like this from occurring.

Form A Stronger Bond

By understanding your primary vs. secondary emotions as well as your loved one's, you are already on the way to becoming an even stronger couple or family.


Open your mind and your heart and let us come alongside you as we discover your path to healing.

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Inner Peace Is Just A Click Away

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