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Sand Tray/Play Therapy

The Soul Always Knows How To Heal Itself

Helping In A Way That Makes Sense to Them

When your child or teen is struggling it can be heartbreaking, and as a good parent we know you want to find them the best help possible. This can be difficult because kids do not always know how to voice what it is they need, or even how to identify exactly how they feel.


No matter what trouble they are facing, they need to have a way to let those feelings out, find healing, and develop coping skills.

A child is playing in the sand on the beach, enjoying the sunshine, and having a great time.

Introducing Sand Tray Therapy!


Sand Tray Therapy gives your child, teen, and even adults a way to express themselves in a non-verbal way. They can play with the soft sand along with miniatures, figurines, and other fun objects to share what is going on in their mind- even on an unconscious level.


Sand play is a great tactile way for an individual to express themselves, and the sand can be soothing and fun!


Therapy Can Be A Fulfilling Experience For Your Child


As their parent, you may feel intimidated about introducing them to therapy. Therapy can even be scary for adults!


By offering a creative and playful therapeutic experience, children (and even some adults) can find healing in a naturally holistic way. Patients for sand therapy even find themselves having fun going to therapy!

Applying Sunscreen

Inner Peace Is Just A Click Away

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