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This beautiful scene is created by the crystal clear blue waters of the sea.


All situations and people are special and unique 

A Specialty Practice

At CLEAR Counseling our therapists are continually furthering their education to become specialists in their therapy of choice.


EFT, EMDR, CBT, DBT? Those may just seem like random acronyms. But in the mental-health/therapy world, they are some of the best tools around to help take your therapy from helpful – to life-changing!

As your search for help may have shown you, there are all kinds of therapists out there. However, you want the best.

You want someone who you can not only connect with but who can, through their education and talents, help you cut through the pain and heartache and get to the root of what’s going on.

You don’t want a Band-Aid – you want to heal.

Listed in the Specialty Tabs above, you will find some of those acronyms and other forms of therapy that we specialize in here at CLEAR Counseling.

And as always, call and ask any questions you might have!

We know for some of you this is an unknown world, but one that we hope as you learn more about, you’ll come to see the true science that lies within our relationships.

Here at CLEAR Counseling, we use proven, research-based counseling specialties to best help you connect and heal.

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Begin Healing Today!

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